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Triumph Tiger 800XC Custom Adventure Build – Freedom Cycle

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Triumph Tiger 800XC Adventure BUILD

WEEK 6: Suspension installed. First Ride & TESTING

Progressive-Shock_01The Shock: Progressive suspension supplied us with their first prototype 800XC  rear shock. It’s an impressive finely crafted piece of hardware. The 800XC fairs pretty good with the stock shock but Brad is pretty excited to see what this shock adds.

Shock Features: Billet machining, 5 Rebound adjustments, greater range of threaded spring pre-load/ sag adjustment, and a  hydraulically adjustable remote preload reservoir.

Installation:  Relatively simple bolt on procedure. With sag adjustments it took about 1.5hrs.

Initial First Ride/ TESTING: Brad who rides his personal 800XC with stock suspension daily decided he would take the build project 800XC out on familiar territory.  The first day long ride was mostly off road with a variety of familiar surfaces. SAG was set and the shock was set up neutral.

“The difference on mild washboard roads was unreal , very smooth and planted. On rocky / loose gravel uphill starts the shock gave a lot more confidence , the rear tire seemed to plant itself quickly. The bike appeared to be quieter on pretty good whoops and easier to keep control. This was an amazing difference on initial off road tests over familiar terrain.”Brad

A street test will come soon.

Progressive-Shock_04 Suspension-Testing_2


WEEK 4: Almost Complete, only suspension and engine work to go.

The crew at Freedom Cycle Triumph Reno, NV were looking to create a Triumph Tiger 800XC custom that was completely unique. After four weeks and some long evening in the shop the 800XC emerged ready to enter a Mad Max movie; well they might have to dirty it up a bit first.

ENGINE & SUSPENSION: Engine mods are in the works now and will be fine tuned with a precision Power Commander unit. Suspension will be upgraded with Progressive Suspension units.

LATEST UPDATE: June 15th baseline Dyno runs for the engine work in progress.

800XC-Dyno-Baseline-1 800XC-Dyno-Baseline-2

Everything on this bike can be duplicated or purchase through Freedom Cycle for YOU.
Just call us.

Enjoy this gallery of the bike at week 4 of the build and view the project build week by week below.

June 1st, 2013

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno Triumph-Reno-800XC-Custom


Radiator guard, skid plate, header guards, crash bars, and kickstand plate.

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_01 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_23

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_24 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_12

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_14 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_13


Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_21 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_20



Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_30 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_29


Giant Loop Bags

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_08 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_11

Denali Lights

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_05 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_06


Rox Risers

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_15 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_16


ARROW Exhaust

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_27 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_28



& Triumph levers

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_04 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_07

Freedom Cycle Rack & Paint by Hoggskinz

Custom Rear Rack & Custom Windscreen

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_32 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_31 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_26

R&G Engine Guards & Heidenau Tires

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_18 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_22

Triumph Footpegs & Levers

Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_17 Custom-Triumph-Tiger-800XC-Freedom-Cycle-Reno_25


and one more.




See the build take shape below:

The new project build bike at Freedom Cycles Reno is a Tiger 800XC. Over the next few weeks the whole crew is going to put their heads together to create a unique Adventure bike. We’re going with the “design it as we go” approach for this build. A true work in progress throughout the entire build will see ideas come and go as we shape the final bike. To start we’re going with the thought this bike has to be able to circumnavigate the globe unassisted;  it could change, but for now that’s the leading idea.


DAY 1:

We roll the 800XC out of the crate and everybody starts thinking of ideas for the build. It looks like a lot of the extras we’ll be bolting up to the bike have arrived.

First thing is strip the bike down. Next we’ll bolt on a few of the extras from the best parts manufactures.

ALTRider radiator guard, skid plate, and header guards are the first parts to go on the bike. We are all quite impressed with the skid plate, it’s more like armor than your typical skid plate.

Triumph-800XC-Build_04 Triumph-800XC-Build_02 Triumph-800XC-Build_03

SAFARI Tanks is the next item to add to the bike. It increases the fuel capcity from the stock 5 gallons to 8 gallons. That’s another 3 gallons of capacity without changing the shape of the original tank and plastic tank guard bits.

Triumph-800XC-Build_05 Triumph-800XC-Build_06 Triumph-800XC-Build_07

ARROW Exhaust – They look great, keep the Triumph factory warranty, are lighter, and create a few more HP’s. What’s not to love?



Time to modify the bike; where to begin? We cut the stock windscreen down. Will it make it into the final build or are we planing something more?

Triumph-800XC-Build_12 Triumph-800XC-Build_13

At the back of the bike we’re thinking that you never really ride two up on an epic journey so let’s utilize that rear seat area. We’re going to have to lower the rear light to keep the weight low.

Triumph-800XC-Build_09 Triumph-800XC-Build_10 Triumph-800XC-Build_11

We decided to mock up a rear rack. For the mock up we’ll use a thin sheet of aluminum. Hmm, the first sketch is a bit big, so we have a second go at it. We’re getting close and we have the feeling this might be evolving a few more times over the course of the build. And what’s in the tube, hmm?

Triumph-800XC-Build_14 Triumph-800XC-Build_15 Triumph-800XC-Build_16


Triumph-800XC-Build_22 WEEK 3:

New Paint, Handgaurds, and we add a Scottoiler.

Several of the parts came back from the painters this week. Red and Yellow which are the colors the Yuill Bros used when racing in NHRA. We also installed a pair of Barbuster handguards. We noticed that a lot of the handguards out there say they fit the 800XC but then when they arrive they need to be bent or modified to fit. This is not the case with the Barkbusters as they were a perfect fit.

Triumph-800XC-Build_17 Triumph-800XC-Build_18  Triumph-800XC-Build_23 Triumph-800XC-Build_20 Triumph-800XC-Build_19

ScottOiler – The ScottOiler works by slowly dripping oil onto the chain at a set adjustable interval. It is vacuum controlled off of the throttle so it only operates when the bike is in motion.  It’s an excellent addition to the build bike that will reduce the wear and maintenance of the chain and sprockets.

Triumph-800XC-Build_24 Triumph-800XC-Build_21









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5 Responses to "Triumph Tiger 800XC Custom Adventure Build – Freedom Cycle"

  • Gary Midkiff
    June 14, 2013 - 8:32 am

    The bike is looking great. Can’t wait to see it in person at the store. Also, Billy’s bike should be looking good by now (although I doubt it is as flashy as this one). Gives my lots of ideas for my 800xc if only I could afford them. Keep up the good work!

  • David
    August 27, 2013 - 9:50 am

    About the Arrow exhaust, did you notice a decrease in MPG? If so, how much?

    • freedomcycle
      September 4, 2013 - 4:07 pm


      We asked a few of the staff with the Arrow Exhaust on their bikes. The consensus seems to be no but maybe. To clarify, some of the guys said they also changed to the Arrow map and didn’t notice any difference, but they rode normally. They also said they have heard a few people say their mpg went down, but that could be due to them riding harder after the new exhaust. – The Web Team

  • Geoff
    September 23, 2013 - 9:07 am

    Hey guys, great build. A lot of the same parts I’m considering for my ’13 800 XC so very helpful. I was curious now that it’s been built for some time if you have anymore feedback or insight on the Progressive Suspension shock and fork springs. I’m contemplating this upgrade as I ride in Colorado on some fairly diverse terrain. Fast dirt roads with washboards, to super steep and very rocky. Thanks in advance.